My Car is not Starting, What Should I Do?

You get in your car and it does not start. DO NOT PANIC! It happens to everyone so you are not alone. There could be a number of reasons why your car will not start. Before you start calling a towing company follows these steps to give yourself a better knowledge as to why it is not starting and determine the issue with the vehicle. It will also keep you prepared for the next time if it happens to you.

The First Thing to Do; Check if It is the Battery

To check if it is the battery is the cause, try doing this: turn the key in the ignition. If nothing happens, check and see if your dashboard lights come on or your headlights will come on when you turn the key. If again it does not turn on, then the problem may be the battery. It may need a jump or there are poor battery connections and the vehicle is not responding.

There is one trick you may want to try which is to clean the connector; because it may be corroded. When that happens, there is no way the car is getting any electricity to start. If you do clean it, make sure you know how to do it. You may want to search online to find DIY methods on how to clean the corroded around the battery. When that does not work, your car battery may be too old. In order to fix the problem, you will need to get a new battery.

The Second thing to Do; When the Problem is NOT the Battery

So at this point, you turn the key in the ignition and your car cranks but it does not start. You tried giving it a jump, and you tried changing out the battery; but nothing works. It is recommended to get a tow since it is harder to diagnose the cause. For example, One common issue that happens a lot is that it may be that the fuel is not getting to the fuel injector, it may also be that the starter is giving you issues, or it may be the alternator. But to really know why your car is not starting we highly recommend that you tow your vehicle to a trusted mechanic to get it diagnosed and fixed.

After you tried everything, in the end, the result should be either you are able to jump start your vehicle or get a new battery. In the unfortunate event that nothing works, you will then need a tow truck service. Either way, with some basic knowledge and experience, you know what to do next time should such problem occur again.

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