Flatbed Towing

Frank’s Tow Truck is eager in providing every customer in Studio City the fast and affordable rates for flatbed towing. We aim to keep our rates low, at the same time maintaining the quality of our service. We react promptly to every call with speed and efficiency. Our towing team is comprised of experienced and trained experts, who are fully committed to customer satisfaction. The technicians have both training in the use of the latest equipment and techniques for moving vehicles ranging from motorcycles, cars to trucks.

Why Choose Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is considered as one of the safest, most secured towing methods. Your vehicle is rested on the back of the tow truck during transportation and has no contact with the road. Our technicians will put your vehicle up onto the flatbed tow truck with the care.

The flatbed or the ramp of the tow truck is designed to roll back on an angle, effortlessly allowing the vehicle to be winched onto the ramp or drive up to the flatbed. This allows for the car to be raised off the ground, which will prevent the vehicle from any possible wear or tear that may occur during towing. After the vehicle is loaded and fixed onto the truck, the ramp or flatbed will lower back to resting position which is horizontal to ground level. The vehicle is then tied down with towing straps or chains and is ready to be moved to the destination.

Situations Where Flatbed Towing is Used

Flatbed tow trucks are perfect for situations where using other towing methods are either not possible due to the model of the vehicle, the current state of the vehicle (if the vehicle is damaged in an accident), or the characteristics of the vehicle (such as a 4-wheel-drive). Although flatbed tow truck can tow most vehicles, they are commonly employed for all-wheel-drive, exotic or luxury cars, motorcycles or damaged vehicles in accidents.

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We know the significance of time; when the car breaks down before am starts to play up ahead of an important business meeting, even the slightest delay can have a disturbing impact on your schedule. Franks Tow Trucks is your ideal solution to transport your vehicle in Studio City.

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